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redefining wealth management

Welcome to a new paradigm in wealth management. We have designed a revolutionary client-centric financial advice model that minimizes the conventional conflicts of interest and offers a truly compelling value.

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Available to each and every client is a comprehensive financial plan covering all aspects of a client’s financial life including retirement planning, investment planning, insurance & risk management, college savings planning, budgeting and debt management, cash flow planning, and more. Each plan is tailored to the specific needs of each and every client.

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Unlike many conventional advisors who receive commissions and other kickbacks from investments they recommend, we charge our clients a competitive fee based on the assets that we manage. This minimizes the typical conflicts of interest inherit in the industry and aligns our interests with those of our clients.

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We have chosen to adopt a fiduciary standard for our clients. Similar to what doctors and lawyers must do, we are committed to placing our client’s interest ahead of ours in everything we do for them. Not all wealth managers have chosen to adopt this fiduciary standard and we believe it is the only ethical way to delivery financial services to our clients.

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One of the most common conflicts of interest are the commissions that advisors receive when selling investments and insurance. We receive zero commission income from any investment products we use and are dedicated to a charitable giving plan for insurance commissions where we will eventually donate 100% of commission profit to charity.

Introducing ConciergeAdvice℠

Would you like an advisor who just handles one aspect of your financial life or an advisor that is going to look at all aspects of your unique situation? Our firm offers ConciergeAdvice℠ where we collaborate with you to understand your unique situation and develop solutions to meet all of your financial goals. This all-inclusive package is available for a very competitive fee and you won't be "nickle and dimed" regardless of what your situation requires.

It’s Time For A Financial Plan

Would you take a vacation without making some plans on where you’re going and what you’d like to see and do? Of course not. Shouldn’t you put that same effort into one of the most important events of your entire life? Do you have enough savings to retire? Are you concerned that you may run out of money? We can help you lay out a detailed plan that addresses these retirement risks. It’s time you took the first step and start planning for a successful retirement.

Interested in a free portfolio review?

Nope, we’re not kidding! We are also offering a free portfolio review. Who doesn’t like a second opinion. And we promise that it’s more pain-free than a second opinion from a doctor could be. We will sit down with you to review your current investments and figure out if they makes sense for you. This is completely free with zero obligation. This promotion includes one hour with one of our financial advisors.

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